The mission of WeWalk is to invite people to get moving. We desire to inspire individuals to have stronger and healthier lives, but also healthier walks in ALL areas of life including Spiritual, relational, physical as well as mental & emotional.


Many of us have jobs that keep us at our desks for long periods of time. Sometimes we don’t make time for ourselves to exercise. And even if we do take the time to get out and walk, routine walking can become boring and monotonous.

And as we all know, lack of exercise makes us less healthy, less productive and affects many areas of our lives.


Wewalk has developed programs for individuals and companies that encourage more frequent low impact movement.

We do this by building powerful and challenging walking programs that can be easily implemented virtually by our walking coaches.

The benefits are numerous, we help you become more active, improve your health, and even possibly save yourself or your company on overall insurance expenses.

What we  do for you

We Walk

We develop walking challenges for you (individually) or for companies that motivate, encourage, and inspire more movement, improved health, and vitality.

We Design

We design individual and team based programs that build team & company chemistry which in turn enhances morale and increase productivity. We will prepare the walking challenge data for you so that it can be used for healthcare discounts. (when applicable).

We Deliver

We provide virtual walking coaches that make the fun of the walking challenges and educational specific for your company operating within the CDC guidelines.

Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about our programs! We deliver walk workshops for small and large companies, young people, retreats, speaking engagements as well as customizable programs to fit every group and budget.

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Spiritual Counseling or Relationship Help

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Services that are provided are broken into four categories:

Spiritual - We Walk members to learn about God from a real life biblical everyday perspective!

Relational - Members get advice in the arena of relationship (to food, work, companions and more)

Physical - Members are given advice about walking and other related exercises.

Mental - Members receive advice about stress and other “mental health” tips.

Terms - The terms of agreement: mostly membership gives the member access to the wewalk.us platform. Members must pay their monthly membership fees in order to have access to the platform.

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